• Moda - Purple Smoke Show Full Face Kit
  • Moda - Purple Smoke Show Full Face Kit

Moda - Purple Smoke Show Full Face Kit



Product Details

This smoldering and smoky 5 piece, full face brush kit is perfect for applying, blending, and shading. Each brush is made of a high quality, incredibly soft, proprietary synthetic filament blend that picks up powders, creams, and liquids efficiently. The filaments are supported with a colorful, smoky, water-resistant, acrylic handle that is durable and easy to hold.

This kit includes:

  • Powder:
    Precisely add finishing powder to the face or use for a soft blush or contour.
  • Angle Blender:
    Create a perfectly airbrushed finish with this angled stippler.
  • Shader:
    Sweep and blend eye shadow over the entire lid.
  • Smoky Eye:
    Apply shadow in the crease and close to the lash line for a dramtic smoky eye.
  • Lip:
    The smooth round edge makes this brush ideal for lining and defining lips.

Features of each brush:

  • Excellent for Wet & Dry Product
  • Waterproof, Silk-Touch Handle
  • Sturdy Aluminum Ferrule Secures Bristles
  • Professional Quality Fibers

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