• L.A. Girl - Hydrating Mist Dragon Fruit

L.A. Girl - Hydrating Mist Dragon Fruit

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Hydrating Mist hits refresh on your skin’s hydration any time of day. A blend of rose water, aloe, witch hazel, and vitamin E are the pick-me-up needed to revive your complexion with a quick boost of moisture, while the microfine mist keeps your makeup intact. This much needed midday refresher comes in either Dragon Fruit or Pineapple to cool and soothe with a tropical twist.

  • Refresh & hydrate skin
  • Lightweight, microfine mist
  • Rose water, vitamin E, aloe & witch hazel
  • Dragon Fruit & Pineapple scents
  • Cruelty-free, paraben-free & vegan


Shake well. Hold bottle 12” from your face, and lightly spray while keeping eyes closed.

Respray anytime for a boost in hydration.

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