You Asked: Are your nails real?

Hey Guys!

So a question i get asked a lot is if my nails are real. 


Well yes they are! And its thanks to these amazing products:

OPI Cuticle Oil: I apply this daily to my cuticles. It nourishes my dry cuticles leaving my skin so soft! This product is also great for any dry skin such as rough heels and elbows!

OPI Nail Envy: Now this is magic in a bottle! I use this once every 2 weeks. You apply 2 coats on the first day then one coat every other day. After 1 week you take it off and repeat the process (that's if you want to). Right from the first application, you will notice your nails harden within hours! This can also be used as a base coat prior to applying nail lacquer. It helps prevent peeling, splitting and cracking of the nails. Nail Envy also makes your nails grow extremely fast!

OPI Avoplex High-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream: I love this cream, it absorbs into the skin so there is no greasy/sticky feeling. Your hands are left so soft and smooth! I like to use this every night when i go to bed but you can apply it more frequently if you wish. Oh and i love the scent!

Another one of my faves is OPI Avoplex Revitalizing Hand and Body Scrub. I like to use this 2-3 times a week. It leaves your skin SO smooth i can't even describe!! Just think of a baby's bottom smooth! haha 

So that's it, these are my MUST HAVE products! I have all these items in stock which you can find here

Any questions you can leave them in the comments below.




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