• Ofra Cosmetics - Professional Makeup Palette Must Have Mattes

Ofra Cosmetics - Professional Makeup Palette Must Have Mattes

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OFRA Cosmetics is excited to announce a new Professional Makeup Palette - “Must Have Mattes". This must-have includes 20 highly pigmented pressed matte eyeshadows. Each eyeshadow godet pan contains two grams of product within the magnetic palette.

With a wide range of matte neutrals, this “Must Have Matte” palette also contains pops of color. The variety of shades assures its everyday use and versatility in makeup looks that can be created from a single palette.

Shades included:

  • Navy (true navy shade)
  • Lilac (soft toned down purple-blue shade)
  • Purple Haze (true royal purple shade)
  • Slate (dark charcoal shade)
  • Kahlua (light neutral brown with a pink undertone)
  • French Mocha (warm neutral brown)
  • Smoke (mid-tone cool grey shade)
  • Bark (cool-toned deep brown shade)
  • Buttercup (soft cream shade)
  • Truffle (warm light brown shade)
  • Country Road (soft peachy-orange shade)
  • Fire Orange (vibrant red-orange shade)
  • Champagne (light creamy pink shade)
  • Charm (mauve-pink shade)
  • Brown (rich warm-toned cognac brown shade)
  • Godiva (rich chocolate red-brown shade)
  • Vanilla (soft vanilla cream shade)
  • Latte (neutral beige shade)
  • Khaki (classic cool-toned khaki shade)
  • Olive (darker olive-green shade)

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