• Morphe - Bristle Shampoo Cocoa Butter

Morphe - Bristle Shampoo Cocoa Butter

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Maintain the beauty of your makeup brushes with the Morphe Bristle Shampoo. This solid dissolves makeup and deeply washes bristles delivering the cleanest of tools. The moisturizing formula consists of conditioning ingredients that include coconut oil and shea butter. Safe on both natural and synthetic bristles as well as beauty sponges. The compact container is perfect for makeup artists on the go.


Instructions for use:
  • Wet makeup brush
  • Swirl bristles in shampoo and lather
  • Rinse thoroughly, removing shampoo and water off bristles
  • Repeat as needed
  • Lay brush flat to dry
  • Rinse soap after each use


Size: 60g

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