Veswann Ross, Sacramento CA

@i_am_solomon_grundy Co Owner Of Gym Villains Nutrition, Started In the fitness industry 7 years ago determined to gain size and muscle starting at the weight of only 165LBS now 230LBS, Studying exercise scientist, his goal in life is to help people change their lives and be happy through bodybuilding.

Christine Ross, Sacramento CA

@fitnessgal_syd Co owner of Gym Villains Nutrition, Originally from Sydney Australia, Started in the fitness industy 4 years ago being overweight at 180LBS now 127LBS and a studying Nutritionist/Dietitian determined to change the lives of everyone to live healthy and happy.

Akaash Pardesi, Elk Grove CA

@akaash_aesthetics a qualified national NPC Mens physique competitor we are proud to have you on our team!! Welcome to the family brother!!

David Kumar, Elk Grove CA

@flex_david a NPC men's physique competitor and a personal trainer all at the age of 21!! His potential for greatness is through the roof!!! welcome to the family we are proud to have you on our team.

Megan Junker, Saint Paul MN

@megjunker She is 29, a mother of two and Has been lifting for 4 years, and competed in 7 body building shows. Lifting has brought me confidence, health, a career Im passionate about and my "swole mate." I love helping others on their path to health, especially other females. There is nothing more empowering than lifting more than the boys. We are so proud to have her join our family our first female athlete!!


Chase Borst, Saint Paul, MN

@chaseborst He's a 32 year old personal trainer and NPC competitor. Competed in 5 physique shows and will be moving up to classic physique this spring. He enjoys helping people develop and reach fitness and nutritional goals, no matter how big or small. PROUD to have him join our family!!


Kevin A, Sacramento CA

@delafonte_84 Kevin is the true definition of a beast 1.5 weeks out from his men's physique show and absolutely killing it!! So proud to have someone with so much passion and drive to Join our family!!